Massage & Skin care

60分  6000円
90分  9000円

This ancient art applies gentle force on pressure points of muscles, joints ligaments as well as age old techniques in stretching bending. Relieves tension, soothes tired muscles. Increases flexibility re-energises.
60mins/ 6000 JPYen
90mins/ 9000 JPYen

60分  6000円
90分  9000円
120分  12000円

Body Maintenance MassageBackpain, stiff shoulders, spinal adjustment, headache, stress, numbness of muscles, hip misalignment, fatigue etc.We offer a complete body massage which facilitates blood flow,reduces stress on the nervous system and rejuvenates muscle tissue.
60mins/ 6000JPYen
90mins/ 9000JPYen
120mins/ 12,000JPYen

60分  8,000円
90分  12,000円
120分 16,000円

Sports Physical MassageA refreshing oil massage for anyone suffering from general fatigue or stress.
We specialize in the treatment of athletes or anyone who needs post-workout therapy.
60mins/ 8,000JPYen
90mins/ 12,000JPYen
120mins/ 16,000JPYen

60分 8,000円

Skin Care
This treatment consists of a cleansing/exfoliating procedure a special facial, massage individually selected mask for various skin conditions (dry skin, oilyskin, anti-aging, etc.) and final soothing massage. This results in increased blood and lymph flow, clearer and healthier skin, unclogged pores and improved condition of the skin.
from 60mins/ 8,000JPYen

オプショナル スカルプケア
20分 3,000円
Optional Head Massage Rejuvenating treatment.
Improves blood circulation, strengthens hair, improves texture and condition of the face and scalp skin.
20mins/ 3,000JPYen

オプショナル レッグケア
20分 3,000円
Optional Legs Massage Good for tired also swollen legs, Soothing menthol leg gel used.
20mins/ 3,000JPYen